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Knockout Cell Line

Knockout Cell Line

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EDITGENE provides CRISPR Cas9 gene knockout cell service. With an optimized CRISPR Cas9 system, the positive rate is significantly improved. We developed a variety of gene knock down strategies, meet different research needs. EDITGENE has experience of over 1000 CRISPR/Cas9 CRO projects, and over 300 types of cell lines handling experience. Everything is prepared for your CRISPR Cas9 knockout project.

In addition, leverage the optimized CRISPR/Cas9 system, we are building a knockout cell bank that comprehensively covers drug targets in different fields, providing a reliable tool for basic research and drug discovery and development.

3800+KO cell lines

CRISPR KO cell bank

Stable knockout of cell lines in real KO,real Clones and real guarantee


CRISPR-Cas9 is a revolutionary gene-editing technology that can precisely modify genome sequences. CRISPR is an immune system in bacteria and archaea and is able to recognize and cut the genome of an invading virus. By introducing the Cas9 protein and the corresponding guide RNA, CRISPR-Cas9 technology can accurately locate and cut specific DNA sequences. This way, gene knockout, point mutation, and gene insertion can be achieved. Relatively simple, efficient, and flexible, this technology has been widely used in basic research and drug discovery and development.

EDITGENE optimized CRISPR-Cas9 system, which can accurately and efficiently knockout target genes. The optimizations are:

Four major optimizations for Crispr Cas9 gene knockout

Combined with years of experience in gene editing and cell biology, EDITGENE provides high quality gene knockout service with affordable price. You can order KO cell pool or KO cell clone service base on your research need.

●   Cell type: Cancer cell lines, Stem cells and unlimited-passage cells that can be transfected. EDITGENE has 

handling experience of over 300 types of cell lines. View the cell list.

●   Price: Precise price depends on cell types and project difficulty, please contact our specialist for a 

quote, or email us for any query (info@editxor.com)

●   Turnaround: As fast as 6 weeks. In-stock KO cell lines deliver in one week.


●   Single gene knockout

●   Multi-gene knockout

●   Frame-shift mutation

●   Large sequence knockout



Gene Knockout Process

Case study

Case 1:NLRP6 kncokout HCT116 cell line

Sanger sequencing data shows that sequence near sgRNA target site shows overlapping peaks.  Fast NGS sequencing data shows that 1bp was deleted, which caused frame-shift mutation.

 Gene Knockout Cases

Gene Knockout Cases

Case 2:RIPK1 knockout L929 cell pool

Sanger sequencing data shows that sequence near sgRNA target site shows overlapping peaks.  ICE analysis shows that the knockout efficiency in this cell pool is 100%.

Gene Knockout Cases

Gene Knockout Cases