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Monoclone Isolation

Monoclone Isolation

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Single cell clone screening is an important technique to obtain highly homogeneous cells, and EDITGENE uses the single-cell 3D printer to achieve precise cell isolation. This 3D printing technology uses non-contact operation to avoid mechanical damage and contamination, helping to maintain cell viability and activity. Comparing with the limited dilution method, this 3D cell printer can avoid human error and increase result reliability.

single cell clone isolation features


EDITGENE use an automated technology to accurately isolate individual cells, greatly improving the efficiency of monoclone cell screening. This service is facilitating the research in fields such as biopharmaceutical discovery, antibody development, drug screening, and treatment selection, and cell research.

●   Material provided by clients: at least 10^7 cells

●   Deliverable: 96 well-plate or 384 well-plate, and monoclone cell screening report



single cell clone isolation workflow

Case study 

Single-cell clone isolation for S100A6 overexpression stable SV-HUC-1 cell line

Western blot result

single cell clone isolation cases

Figure 1. #1-6 are clones of S100A6 overexpression stable SV-HUC-1 cells

S100A6 overexpression stable SV-HUC-1 cell clones have bands with desired size, meaning that the overexpression clones are useful for continuous study.