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Cell Line Engineering

EDITGENE provide one-stop gene editing solution,Guarantee correct genotype,contamination-free, and high viability.

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Knockout Cell Line

EDITGENE provides CRISPR Cas9 gene knockout cell service. With an optimized CRISPR Cas9 system, the positive rate is significantly improved.

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Point Mutation Cell Line

The BingoTM Prime Editing platform is exclusively developed by EDITGENE.No off-target effect, and higher efficiency.

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Knockin Cell Line

Knock in cell line customization service utilizes improved CRISPR-cas system, and the success rate of homozygous knock-in is significantly increased.

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Stable Cell Line

EDITGENE provides stable cell line service, 300+ cell lines handling experience, lentivirus-mediated transduction, as fast as 4 weeks, monoclonal or p