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Knockin Cell Line

Knockin Cell Line

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EDITGENE has developed an efficient CRISPR gene knock in system, and our expert team has over a decade of gene editing experience. Summarizing the optimal gRNA and homologous arm design strategy, the CRISPR Cas9 knock in cell line service that EDITGENE provides has a higher positive rate and is suitable for various target sequences!

EDITGENE finished 1000+ gene editing cell line projects,and had worked on over 300 types of cell lines. We are committed to provide high quality CRISPR knock in cell line service.


CRISPR gene knock in (KI) refers to a gene editing technique that involves inserting an exogenous gene into a certain locus through HDR, resulting in stable expression within cells. The exogenous gene of KI can be a coding gene, a DNA sequence involved in gene regulation, etc.

EDITGENE provides various CRISPR gene knock in service, such as GFP knock in, tag KI, HIBIT tag KI, etc. Feel free to contact us for a free strategy!


●   Gene knock in <20bp

●   Gene knock in 20bp-100bp

●   Gene knock in >100bp



crispr gene knock in workflow