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EDITGENE provides a series of knockout cell lines, point mutation cell lines, sgRNA libraries, CRISPR-based detection products, and stable cell lines.

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Gene Editing Cell Line

EDITGENE offers thousands of CRISPR gene editing cell lines in stock, including 3800 KO cell lines and hundreds of point mutation cell lines.

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Engineered Cell Line

EDITGENE provide high quality luciferase cells, cas9 expressing cell lines, and other stably transfected cell lines with most studied genes.

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CRISPR Library

EDITGENE offers off-shelf CRISPR gRNA libraries, CRISPRa libraries, and CRISPRi libraries, covering various common research fields.

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EDITGENE provides 50 commonly used plasmids and over 200 validated gRNA vectors, endotoxin free, strict QC.