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CRISPR Library Screening

CRISPR Library Screening

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EDITGENE provides a complete solution for CRISPR cas9 library screening. Our sgRNA library screening services include sgRNA design, plasmid library, lentivirus library, positive/negative screening, etc. EDITGENE offers various library screening services, pooled library or arrayed library, CRISPR KO or CRISPR activation/interference, are all available.

EDITGENE has been specializing in gene editing for over a decade. We generated a comprehensive list of Cas9 stable cell lines,and collected the most used CRISPR screen libraries (Click here to explore our off-shelf gRNA libraries). One-to-one service from our expert team. From CRISPR library construction to high-throughput library screening, everything is ready, screen in one click!

crispr screen library features


Studying gene function and regulation requires high-throughput changes to genes in organism. Then screen organisms with certain pressure for the desired phenotype, and perform sequencing to find relevant genes that relate to the phenotypes. Traditional methods include chemical mutagenesis and RNA interference, but chemical mutagenesis cost relatively high, RNA interference cannot achieve complete knockout and high off-target effect, which affects the progress of high-throughput gene screening. CRISPR/Cas9 technology can easily achieve complete knockout or gene activation, then identify the relationship between genes and phenotypes. CRISPR Cas9 sgRNA library screening has become the best solution for large-scale gene screening.

High-throughput crispr screen library is used to achieve high-throughput gene knockouts to obtain cells with different genotype, including gain of funciton (GOF) and loss of function (LOF), and explore the biological significance of these genes.

At present, there are two formats of CRISPR library, pooled library and arrayed library. EDITGENE provides custom CRISPR library services for both formats! Arrayed libraries are becoming popular in CRISPR library screening, while pooled libraries are more cost-effective, easy-to-handle, and available for in vivo studies. And pooled libraries provide more comprehensive coverage of the whole genome, and infected cells can be detected after long-term culture. Therefore, pooled library is more common for high-throughput CRISPR screening.


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 Plasmid library: in-stock sgRNA libraries are available or custom CRISPR library.

✔ Lentivirus library: sizes can be customized depending on needs. Not sure how many viral particles you need for the library screening experiment? Consult our experts now!

 High-efficiency Cas9 stable transfer strains screening: activity-tested Cas9 stable cell lines are available in-stock, plus a 3D single-cell printer, easily obtain the best Cas9 cell line for library screening.

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✔ Functional genes or drug resistance/sensitive genes screening: one to one service, our expert team provides professional candidate gene screening service.

✔ Whole genome screening: Different from the common AB library, EDITGENE uses an optimized whole genome library, which was designed using optimized metrics which combine improved on-target activity predictions (Rule Set 2), with an off-target score, the Cutting Frequency Determination (CFD). Thus the screening is more accurate and efficient!

 Sub-pool library screening: 22 most used sub-pool libraries are available!

✔ Arrayed library customization: high-throughput arrayed CRISPR screening has become a gradually popular target discovery method, EDITGENE provides affordable arrayed library customization services, contact us to get a quote.


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crispr screen library workflow

Case study 

Results of gene diversity analysis showed that the CRISPR library screening was success, and the screening signal-to-noise ratio was good.

crispr screen library cases

crispr screen library cases

crispr screen library cases