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Protein purification platform

EDITGENE's protein purification platform produces high purity and high activity Cas enzymes. The Cas enzymes are tested to have significant higher sensitivity than other brands in the market, and the detection limit can reach the amol level. At present, the protein purification platform produce four high-quality products, which are LBCas12a, AapCas12b, LwaCas13a, and LbuCas13a.

One-step purification method

One-step protein purification refers to the extraction and purification of the protein of interest directly from the mixture in only one step. One-step protein purification typically uses affinity chromatography techniques.

Affinity chromatography is a technique for isolating and purifying biomolecules based on specific interactions between them, using the affinity between the target protein and its specific ligand to separate the target protein from the mixture. In affinity chromatography, a tag can be bound to the desired isolated protein that binds to the ligand on the chromatography medium, so that the tagged protein of interest remains on the medium and other impurity proteins cannot bind or only weakly bind and flow through the chromatography medium. The protein of interest attached to the chromatography medium can be eluted using an appropriate buffer solution to obtain a purified product of interest.

Protein purification platform workflow


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