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Gene Delivery Platform

Gene delivery is the process by which exogenous genetic material is packaged biologically, chemically, or physically and "rides" on a gene carrier system into the target cell.

Applications of gene delivery

Gene delivery is an important branch of genetic modification technology that aims to transfer exogenous genes into the target cells or tissues of an organism. The goal is such that the organism can gain a function with the specified genetic effect or change. Utilization of this technology can modify genes and breed new plant and animal species in experimental subjects. The advancement of this gene delivery technology can carry target genes to specific cells or tissues in a safe and effective manner. Genetic modification technology plays an important role in treatment and prevention of human diseases, and improving the quality of plants and animals in many aspects.

Application Goals



Genome Editing Main Technical Services

1、CRISPR/ Cas9 knockout cell line construction
2、Point mutation
3、CRISPR library screening
4、CRISPR library screening via CRISPR/Cas9 gene insertion