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Application of CRISPR-EDITx Gene Editing

Genome editing is a genetic engineering technology that can precisely modify specific target genes in an organism's genome. With the efficiency to perform targeted gene editing, this technology shows great promise for applications in genetic research, therapy, and genetic breeding. Amongst our selection of gene editing services, we have build cell libraries (more than 1,000) containing cellular gene knockouts, gene overexpression, and point mutations.

Edi-Tech Platform Advantage

For 10 years, we have focused on developing and optimizing CRISPR/Cas-based genome editing technology. Based on CRISPR-Cas technology and protein evolution platform, we have established a more efficient and precise CRISPR-EDITx gene editing technology by optimizing the gene editing system and protein modification.

Prime Editing-Principle of Edi-Tech

Main Technical Services for Genome Editing

1.CRISPR/ Cas9 knockout mono/multiclonal cell line construction
2.Point mutation
3.CRISPR library screening
4.CRISPR library screening CRISPR/Cas9 gene insertion

Why choose EDITGENE's gene delivery platform?

1. We have rich experience in gene editing and have completed 1000+ gene editing CRO service projects.
2. EDITGENE is an innovative company leading the global gene editing technology, never-ending research and development, and have constant break throughs in the efficiency of gene editing.
3. EDITGENE is based on independent technology research and development, focusing on the development and research of gene editing for 10+ years.
4. "Leave the Professional things to the Professionals" to save your time and to better focus on your scientific research.